The first findings of the national Moving On survey are out! The report shines a light on the experiences of private rental tenants, landlords and property managers across Australia to create a picture of how tenancies end in the private rental market and what changes are needed to make renting fairer. There is no available data set to inform the private rental market about the improvements that are needed.

Key Findings
- The pandemic affected tenants and landlords
- More tenants than landlords were adversely affected
- An unusually high number of tenants ended their tenancies
- Tenants were unsuccessful in negotiating rent reductions
- The eviction moratoriums did not prevent evictions
- Younger renters did not fare well
- Low-income households were disadvantaged
- Bonds are still being claimed at high rates
- There was very little use of residential tenancy tribunals to protect

This year’s report has a special focus on younger people and lower income households and we are calling on all fair trading, residential tenancy and consumer protections departments to include a link to the survey in their online bonds systems to help us to gather data.

Read the full report here.