National Shelter media release — 5 March 2013

Housing policy peak National Shelter has warned that the changes to sole parenting payments will force more families into housing stress and homelessness.

National Shelter Chairperson Adrian Pisarski said that sole parent families face the double challenge of unaffordable rents and discrimination in the private rental market.  

‘Eroding the income of sole parents undermines their ability to house their children’, Mr Pisarski said. 

‘The Government’s white paper on homelessness in 2008, The road home, highlighted the increasing prevalence of families experiencing homelessness.

‘Australian Institute of Health and Welfare figures from March 2012 showed that more than three-quarters of all families seeking emergency shelter were sole parent families.  

‘The cuts to the incomes of sole parent families are a retrograde step in the battle to end homelessness.’    

Please see 2012 National Shelter policy priorities, Meeting housing challenges, for more policy recommendations.

For more information:

  • Emma Greenhalgh, National Shelter Project Manager: 0402 927 243
  • Adrian Pisarski, National Shelter Chairperson: 0417 975 270
  • Kim Zoe Evans, Communications Officer: 0404 429 203