National Shelter media release — 21 January 2013  

Housing policy peak National Shelter has challenged governments planning redevelopments of social housing sites to adopt five principles.

Chairperson of National Shelter Adrian Pisarski said that National Shelter’s support for redevelopment of social housing sites, such as Fitzroy, was conditional on:

  • A net gain in social housing stock   
  • Clear communication plans to minimise confusion and fear for tenants
  • Meaningful consultation with social housing tenants and the broader community throughout the process
  • Improving community facilities and retaining green space
  • Relocation options that respect tenants’ community of interest and give options for returning to the redeveloped site or moving only once.

'Redevelopment of social housing sites should result in an increase of homes', Mr Pisarski said.   

'With 175,000 Australian households waiting for social housing, it would be a huge lost opportunity to only maintain current levels.

'Change is always stressful.  Clear information is essential in situations like the redevelopment of Fitzroy and tenants must have an opportunity for input.  

'We acknowledge that public housing is operating at a deficit and innovation is necessary to achieve a more sustainable system.

'We urge Governments to consider the whole picture when redeveloping.'    

Please see 2012 National Shelter policy priorities, 'Meeting housing challenges', for more policy recommendations.

For more information:

  • Emma Greenhalgh, National Shelter Project Manager: 0402 927 243
  • Adrian Pisarski, National Shelter Chairperson: 0417 975 270
  • Kim Zoe Evans, Communications Officer: 0404 429 203