26 August 2015


Housing policy peak National Shelter will be at the National Reform Summit today to argue that housing tax reform and long term Commonwealth leadership on housing affordability are essential to achieving the aims of the Reform Summit. 

National Shelter Executive Officer Adrian Pisarski will be there to live tweet the event with commentary on the housing measures necessary to achieve the reform agendas around productivity and living standards. 

“Economies are made up of households and the single biggest factor in households thriving, or not, is housing availability and affordability,” Mr Pisarski said. 

“National Shelter is seriously concerned that the Commonwealth Government has been signalling an exit from housing policy - a ludicrous situation when negative gearing and capital gains tax exemptions have such huge impacts on housing markets.

“We need a National Housing Strategy to underpin Australian productivity and living standards agendas.

“The ‘get a good job’ tactic doesn’t work if there is not a house to be had within commuting range of that job and Sydney and Melbourne don’t have sufficient jobs at that level. 

“The Federal Government must be leaders in housing strategy, for the sake of both our economy and living standards.”

Follow @AdrianPisarski and @NationalShelter for live tweeting of the National Reform Summit.