11 June 2015

National Shelter says the Abbott government is wilfully ignorant on housing affordability and has dropped the great dream of ownership pushing us towards becoming a nation of renters.

Executive Officer Adrian Pisarski points at the record, “Since being elected they have dismantled the Housing Ministers Conference, axed the only reliable data source the National Housing Supply Council, slashed the only program adding affordable housing supply in NRAS and axed all funding to agencies providing them advice.”
National Shelter also points out it is renters doing it toughest in getting affordable housing. Over 60% of all low income households are in housing stress paying more than 30% of their income. (source National Housing Supply Council 2012).
“The Treasurer is right to point to supply as the problem but nowhere is this a greater issue than for low income households.” Mr Pisarski added.
In its last report the National Housing Supply Council acknowledged a general shortage of supply of 280,000 properties but for low income renters there is a a shortage of over 500,000 affordable and available properties. (NHSC 2012).
“The problem for low income renters is they are outbid on affordable properties and forced to either rent up or move to poor standard, often overcrowded options, in poor locations away from opportunities.” Mr Pisarski added.
“Commonwealth Rent Assistance is inadequate, rents have risen faster than house prices in most places and renters get no reprieve from lower interest rates.”
The number of investors in the market is changing our primary housing goal away from home ownership. “We are becoming a nation of renters rather than owner occupiers, with current tax and other policy settings favouring investors over owner occupiers.”