This paper is part of a partership between Queenslanders with Disability Network, Griffith University and National Shelter.

The project’s overall objective is to develop a position statement on housing and housing assistance that facilitates the independence, social and economic participation and full inclusion of people with disability in the mainstream community.

The project will inform a position statement which covers the housing options people with disability require to live independently in a place of their choosing and with whom they want and which facilitates their social and economic inclusion as citizens in mainstream Australian society.

Key deliverables towards the objective include:

  • Preparation of a Discussion Paper including historical context, current policy frameworks and imperatives, the status of housing and housing assistance for people with a disability in Qld (A Place to Call Home),

  • Development of a position statement and recommendations; informed by feedback from QDN’s Housing Champions and other key consumer, community and government stakehold- ers. Preparation of a program for a Griffith Symposium on August 15, 2016

  • Development of a final Housing Position Statement which pro-actively addresses key issues and reflects the expectations of people with disability.