Financial impact of asset transfers from state/territory governments to community housing organisations

This report was written for National Shelter by Sphere consulting.  It explores the appetite and issues relating to stock transfer around the country.  It also provides a model showing the minimum level of asset transfer needed to optimise the leverage from such transfers.

Final Report Stock Transfers 0714


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Submission on Housing Payment Deduction Scheme

23 April 2013

In our submission on the Exposure Draft Social Security Legislation Amendment (Public Housing Tenants’ Support) Bill 2013, we express our lack of support for the introduction to the Housing Payment Deduction Scheme. While the scheme implements a recommendation of the Commonwealth Government’s white paper on homelessness, The road home, we think that it unnecessarily and unfairly targets a very small proportion of households. Additionally, National Shelter recommends that all levels of government fund further preventative and capacity-building measures

Meeting housing challenges (summary)

October 2012

Australia faces four key housing challenges in 2012:

  • making housing more affordable
  • reforming the private rental market
  • combatting homelessness, and
  • revitalising social housing.

These critical issues are addressed in our new policy platform, 'Meeting housing challenges'. A draft long version is also available.

rpt1210 Meeting Housing Challenges - Summary

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Towards an improved National Affordable Housing Agreement

22 August 2012

Treasury is currently undertaking a five-year review of the National Affordable Housing Agreement — the agreement by the Council of Australian Governments governing housing assistance and homelessness funding that commenced in 2009. In order to prepare input for the Treasury review process, the National Affordable Housing Summit convened a roundtable meeting on August 22 to discuss priorities for a revised agreement, which was organised by our chairperson. This background paper prepared by consultant, Rebecca Richardson, for the roundtable

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Submission on Exposure Draft Homelessness Bill 2012

3 August 2012

In our submission on the Exposure Draft Homelessness Bill 2012, we called for a right to adequate housing under Australian law  — we think that the relevant commitments made in the international conventions listed in the Exposure Draft Bill should be transformed into rights created by legislation that can by asserted by citizens under Australian law. Our submission also covered issues such as the recognition of the specific needs and experiences of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

Key recommendation from National Shelter’s ATSI housing roundtables 2010–2012

June 2012

Three roundtables on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) housing have been facilitated by National Shelter between 2010 and 2012. National Shelter has recommended that the Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs fund a project to build trust between ATSI housing organisations and all levels of government to create a productive working relationship, and to support ATSI housing organisations to become registered in the new national regulatory system.

Key Recommendations - 2010-2012


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