Pre-Budget Submission 2021-22

National Shelter has released its Budget Submission for 2021/22; in it we welcome the Federal Government’s consolidation of housing responsibilities into a single Housing Minister - The Hon Michael Sukkar MP, and we look forward to an opportunity to meet the Minister to outline our submission in the near future and discuss the need for federal investment. The principal asks remain:

- Federal support for the SHARP proposal and the Housing Booster (affordable housing supply subsidy) project
- The need for tax

Our cities: building a productive, sustainable and liveable future (submission)

March 2011

The Commonwealth Department of Infrastructure and Transport conducted a consultation process through the early part of 2010 to develop a national urban policy. The final policy document, Our cities, our future, was released in May 2011. National Shelter provided a detailed submission to this process (‘Our cities: building a productive, sustainable and liveable future – a response from National Shelter’), outlining some of the key housing aspects of urban development and particularly issues of affordability in housing.

Our cities:

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