A Place to Call Home: a housing issues paper for people with disability

This paper is part of a partership between Queenslanders with Disability Network, Griffith University and National Shelter.

The project’s overall objective is to develop a position statement on housing and housing assistance that facilitates the independence, social and economic participation and full inclusion of people with disability in the mainstream community.

The project will inform a position statement which covers the housing options people with disability require to live independently in a place of their choosing and with whom they want and

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Equity, Efficiency and Employment: Setting Social Housing Rents

Rent policy is one of the key aspects of the management of social housing. It determines the affordability of the housing for its tenants, as well as providing the main income stream for social housing providers.

Social housing rents are generally set as a proportion of the tenant’s income, with the general principle being that they pay 25% of income as rent. This policy area has been the subject of much debate over the past few years.

This report, written by Jon Eastgate for National Shelter

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Reform of the federation – housing, homelessness and the road to reform


National Shelter's Executive Officer Adrian Pisarski reflects on how the review of Federation may impact on how housing needs are addressed in Australia.

Late last year I posed a question - is the current funding and responsibility for housing and homelessness  shared by the Commonwealth Government and the States/Territories ideal?  

At the time I was looking forward to the reform of the Federation process as something which might facilitate an intelligent discussion about current housing and homelessness policy settings.  The National

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