October 2014

Financial impact of asset transfers from state/territory governments to community housing organisations

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This report was written for National Shelter by Sphere consulting.  It explores the appetite and issues relating to stock transfer around the country.  It also provides a model showing the minimum level of asset transfer needed to optimise the leverage from such transfers.

Final Report Stock Transfers 0714


May 2014

October 2012

August 2012

Towards an improved National Affordable Housing Agreement

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22 August 2012

Treasury is currently undertaking a five-year review of the National Affordable Housing Agreement — the agreement by the Council of Australian Governments governing housing assistance and homelessness funding that commenced in 2009. In order to prepare input for the Treasury review process, the National Affordable Housing Summit convened a roundtable meeting on August 22 to discuss priorities for a revised agreement, which was organised by our chairperson. This background paper prepared by consultant, Rebecca Richardson, for the roundtable

March 2012

Meeting housing challenges (draft long version)

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March 2012

Australia faces four key housing challenges in 2012:

  • making housing more affordable
  • reforming the private rental market
  • combatting homelessness, and
  • revitalising social housing.

These critical issues are addressed in our new policy platform, 'Meeting housing challenges', which will be finalised in 2012. This is a draft of the long version of the policy platform, and a draft summary version is also available.


July 2011

Towards NAHA Mark II: the next National Affordable Housing Agreement

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July 2011

Between March and June 2011, National Shelter held a series of round table discussions on the development of the next National Affordable Housing Agreement (NAHA), the Council of Australian Governments agreement which covers funding for affordable housing and homelessness programs. 'Towards NAHA Mark II: National Shelter dialogue ahead of the nextNational Affordable Housing Agreement and associated NationalPartnership Agreements' is the report that emerged from this consultation process.



June 2011

Australia’s future tax system: balancing our taxes to remove distortions in our housing system

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June 2011

The Henry tax review, Australia’s Future Tax System Review, recommends fundamental shifts in the way land and renting and owning housing are treated by the taxation and social security systems. National Shelter prepared a report on housing issues in the Henry review in December 2010, and we developed our own response to this review in June 2011 following discussions with some of Australia’s foremost experts on taxation and housing.


December 2010

September 2010

Community Organisations Housing Alliance letter to Prime Minister Julia Gillard

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September 2010

This letter was issued by the Community Organisations Housing Alliance, and a letter was also sent to Opposition Leader Tony Abbott, Senator Bob Brown, and independent Members of Parliament, Andrew Wilkie, Bob Katter, Rob Oakeshott and Tony Windsor. The Community Organisations Housing Alliance is comprised of National Shelter, the Community Housing Federation of Australia, the ACTU, the Australian Council of Social Service and Homelessness Australia.