Joint statement from National Shelter, Community Housing Federation of Australia and Homelessness Australia

Wednesday 24 December 2014

Housing and homelessness peak bodies out in the cold at Christmas: and a very poor new year to follow for anyone struggling to house themselves

It’s not going to be a good Christmas for housing and homelessness peak bodies including the Community Housing Federation of Australia (CHFA), Homelessness Australia and National Shelter.

All three of these peak bodies received news at the beginning of this Christmas week that they would not be funded beyond 30 June 2015. 

But this news

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All National Shelter wants for Christmas is a robust civil society: instead there are funding cuts


23 December, 2014

As Scott Morrison takes the baton on the Social Services ministry, the Commonwealth has flagged a move away from funding housing and homelessness. 

In his last act at DSS Minister Andrews axed funding from research and peak bodies in the area.

On the eve of Christmas the Federal Government has tried to silence the voices of the vulnerable by reneging on contracts with peak bodies including National Shelter, the Community Housing Federation of Australia and Homelessness Australia.

National Shelter Executive Officer, Adrian

Time to commit to action on housing affordability

22 August 2013

The peak housing advocacy organisation for low income Australians, National Shelter, today expressed deep concern that neither major party has addressed the greatest cause of financial hardship for very many Australian households – the lack of affordable housing.

“We are half way through the election campaign, and despite repeated calls across the community, neither Labor nor the Coalition have offered any direct affordable housing policies”, said National Shelter Chair, Adam Farrar.“There have been two leaders’ debates; but a deafening

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Step forward with continued commitment to ending homelessness

National Shelter media release — 28 March 2013

National Shelter has welcomed the Australian Government, state and territories’ commitment to ending homelessness and their long-term investment in affordable rental housing.

Today the federal government announced Round 5 of the National Rental Affordability Scheme to be delivered in 2015–16.

Additionally, the states and territories matched the federal government’s pledge for the National Partnership Agreement on Homelessness with a total of $320 million for one year.

Chair of National Shelter, Adrian Pisarski, said that the federal,

Imperative state and territories match federal government’s homelessness funding

National Shelter media release — 18 March 2013

National Shelter has welcomed the Australian Government’s commitment to ending homelessness by providing up to $159 million to extend the National Partnership Agreement on Homelessness for one year.

Chair of National Shelter, Adrian Pisarski, has applauded the federal government’s pledge, and called for the states and territories to provide the matching funding needed to maintain momentum to address homelessness.  

'The 2008 white paper on homelessness, The road home, created a renewed focus on ending homelessness.  


Sole parenting payment cuts could make families homeless

National Shelter media release — 5 March 2013

Housing policy peak National Shelter has warned that the changes to sole parenting payments will force more families into housing stress and homelessness.

National Shelter Chairperson Adrian Pisarski said that sole parent families face the double challenge of unaffordable rents and discrimination in the private rental market.  

‘Eroding the income of sole parents undermines their ability to house their children’, Mr Pisarski said. 

‘The Government’s white paper on homelessness in 2008, The road home, highlighted the

Undersupply of affordable housing forces difficult housing choices

National Shelter media release — 1 March 2013

National Shelter has welcomed the National Housing Supply Council’s report released today, revealing Australian’s unaffordable housing issue continues to grow.

The report, Housing supply and affordability issues 2012–13, used the 2011 Census data, examining Australian households’ housing consumption and how it has changed over the last decade.

National Shelter Chairperson, Adrian Pisarski, said that the report demonstrates that Australians are changing their housing choices due to the lack of affordable housing options.

‘This is a reminder

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National Shelter’s five principles for redeveloping social housing

National Shelter media release — 21 January 2013  

Housing policy peak National Shelter has challenged governments planning redevelopments of social housing sites to adopt five principles.

Chairperson of National Shelter Adrian Pisarski said that National Shelter’s support for redevelopment of social housing sites, such as Fitzroy, was conditional on:

  • A net gain in social housing stock   
  • Clear communication plans to minimise confusion and fear for tenants
  • Meaningful consultation with social housing tenants and the broader community throughout the process
  • Improving community facilities and retaining green space
  • Relocation

Ongoing social housing investment benefits wider community

National Shelter media release — 8 January 2013

National Shelter has welcomed a KPMG report declaring the overwhelming benefits of social housing investment through the 2009 economic stimulus plan, as well as the economic boost to the building industry.

The $5.6 billion Social Housing Initiative was the single largest housing funding commitment in Australian history. The KPMG report showed that 19,700 new dwellings were constructed — exceeding targets by about 13 per cent, created about 9,000 full-time and 14,000 part-time jobs, and

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