Media Release: Hobart Remains Least Affordable City in Australia for Renters, Putting Average Income Households into Rental Stress and Hurting Pensioners, Young People and those on Newstart

Rental affordability has continued to nosedive in Hobart, keeping its record as the least affordable city in Australia for renters, the latest release of the Rental Affordability Index (RAI) has found.

For the first time, the rental affordability score for Hobart has dropped below the critical threshold of 100. At 93, its RAI indicates that even an average income household in Hobart would be placed in rental stress if paying the current median rent.

Hobart is the least affordable capital city in

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Media Release: Brisbane Rental Affordability Improves, but Low-Income Groups and Individuals on Newstart are Suffering

While the cost of renting in many parts of Brisbane may have eased in the past 12 months, according to the latest release of the Rental Affordability Index (RAI), not everyone in Brisbane has cause to celebrate. Most postcodes in inner to middle Brisbane remain moderately unaffordable to unaffordable.

The latest release of the RAI found the average household seeking to rent in Greater Brisbane would spend 24 per cent of their total income on renting. This is below the level

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Media Release: Rental Affordability Worsens as Adelaide Overtakes Sydney as the Second Least Affordable Capital City in the Country

Adelaide has now overtaken Sydney as the second least affordable capital city, as incomes in Greater Adelaide have failed to keep pace with rising rents.

The latest release of the Rental Affordability Index (RAI) has found that Greater Adelaide now only trails Hobart as the least affordable capital city in the country. This is largely due to the slow income growth compared to other capital cities and rising rents.

The geographic spread of affordability in Greater Adelaide has increased, with almost all

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Media Release: Canberra Becomes More Unaffordable to Rent, Pushing People on Newstart out of the Market

Canberra’s inner city and suburbs have become even more unaffordable with rental affordability deteriorating across the city since this time last year, the latest release of the Rental Affordability Index (RAI) has found

Despite remaining acceptable in rental affordability, the ACT has seen a marginal and consistent decline in rental affordability from the December quarter of 2016 to the close of the June quarter 2019.

Many areas across the central city and inner suburbs have moved from moderately unaffordable to unaffordable over

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Media Release: Morrison Government and Ministry

National Shelter has written to the Prime Minister, the Hon. Scott Morrison M.P., congratulating the government on their return and raising the ongoing housing and homelessness issues the government has a responsibility to address. We have indicated we will review our own positions on housing and homelessness but are committed to the development of a national housing strategy to rebalance our housing system which continues to fail to adequately meet the interests of low and moderate income households. We have

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Media Release – Housing’s Real Needs Not Dealt with by First Home Owners Saving Scheme

National Shelter calls on both major parties to extend their new bipartisanship on first home owner saver schemes to other more vital areas of housing policy.

Over the past 23 years, social housing levels have dropped from 6% nationally to 4.8% and below 3% in Victoria.

National Shelter has called instead for the development of a National Housing Strategy, which examines all the components of our housing system, including reforms to tax, planning, the relative contributions of state and commonwealth governments, the role

Federal Budget 2019 Media Release – 5 Bucks a Week Won’t Dent the Rent

Adrian Pisarski National Shelter Spokesperson says,

‘The tax cuts offered by the government may add $5.00 to the budgets of people on incomes up to $708 per week. But $5 a week won’t dent the rent. Even $20 a week for incomes of $919 per week doesn’t help that much against often rising rents of $400 or $500 a week that many on those incomes face.’

The central themes of budget 2019 are tax cuts and infrastructure. Tax cuts don’t help

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